What happened to the UJK Drill Guide?


Gentlemen, if some product was suddenly removed from the market, it’s often not because of some “unprecedented demand”, but more likely a patent infringement. The “refinement” is either to avoid those patents or to wait out until they expire.

Which is a shame because the UJK seems to have checked all my boxes. I’d say just keep waiting and it will show up eventually. Or use a drill press, some cheap ones cost the same.


Sorry about the delay in responding but I fell foul of the Axminster ‘you’re a newby and so can’t post many things in a single thread’ rule. (A chat with a moderator on a new thread sorted the problem (I’m very impressed!)) So here’s what I was going to post late June:

I’ve got a drill press, but it isn’t easy to carry around :grinning:

In terms of patents - I can’t see anything patentable - it’s basically a drill guide, but just one that is well made (hopefully) and hence pretty precise and perhaps even accurate. If another company held a patent and was objecting then we would be overrun with adverts for their product. :yum: