What happened to the UJK Drill Guide?

Spotted an InstaG post today showing one (prototype?) being put through it’s paces. Another few months maybe?

Interesting to see it on the TSO website. Does that mean it might be close or have they had that product their for the last two years?

Which post would that be @Woodbloke?

It was there and then very rapidly disappeared when I tried to find it again on the Axminster page.

It’s like the White Rabbit! :grin:

Gentlemen, if some product was suddenly removed from the market, it’s often not because of some “unprecedented demand”, but more likely a patent infringement. The “refinement” is either to avoid those patents or to wait out until they expire.

Which is a shame because the UJK seems to have checked all my boxes. I’d say just keep waiting and it will show up eventually. Or use a drill press, some cheap ones cost the same.

Sorry about the delay in responding but I fell foul of the Axminster ‘you’re a newby and so can’t post many things in a single thread’ rule. (A chat with a moderator on a new thread sorted the problem (I’m very impressed!)) So here’s what I was going to post late June:

I’ve got a drill press, but it isn’t easy to carry around :grinning:

In terms of patents - I can’t see anything patentable - it’s basically a drill guide, but just one that is well made (hopefully) and hence pretty precise and perhaps even accurate. If another company held a patent and was objecting then we would be overrun with adverts for their product. :yum:

The latest post on InstaG this morning indicates that the new and improved version will shortly (!) be back.

How much?

Must be good.


Well well well… I never thought I’d see the day! lol

Here it is:

Not in stock however. Does that mean it’s sold out again already or still not available?

£160 is a bit more than the previous version and no keyless chuck either but it’s been a long wait and am looking forward to fondling it in one of their stores.

Probably means it’s a big container on the high seas somewhere between the Far East and Blighty

To save £££ and save the environment, big container ships now run at a fraction of their full power and can take several months to make the trip - as I found out when when I ordered some off road MB tyres that were ‘in transit’ from China!! I was told that the delay was estimated (by the importers) as 4 - 6 months!

From what I remember, it’s only about £15 more expensive - and given the delay that could easily be the inflation!

Has anyone ordered and actually received a drill guide yet? :upside_down_face:

A little bird told me that the first small batch is bought and paid for by customers and will be on our shores very soon. A second batch will arrive shortly after and that including those just mentioned, Axminster have a total of 500 on the way.

Thank you - I now feel a lot more confident on spending ££ on the white rabbit! :grin:

With respect to Redsilverdog’s post on Oct 3rd and since I missed the original batch I thought I’d wait a bit for the 500 shipment - £160 waiting in limbo is a bit too risky
It’s now Nov 4th and the site says 4 more weeks! ‘very soon’ and ‘shortly after’ obviously have a different meaning to Axminster than the rest of us in the real world. I’d hoped for Christmas last year, and then Christmas this year - it’s looking like Christmas next year might be more realistic. :scream:

anyone have any idea if lee valley is going to be distributing this in canada? they sell axminster lathe chucks as well as the UJK parf dog system…

axminster wont let me backorder this, so I’m just on the email list.

I received mine today. I’d ordered it back in September when it appeared on the Axminster website as a back order item. I’m impressed with the build quality with one exception. There is no discernible play in between the uprights and the chuck carriage which is good, and the whole thing feels rock solid. The exception is the non slip base pad. On mine it was unevenly attached to the base and so the whole thing wobbles at the slightest touch. The pad is glued to the structural lattice of the base, which means it’s only supported where that lattice exists. Over the voids between the lattice, the pad sinks in, creating an uneven surface and it looks like the glue is too thick in places which exaggerates the problem. I’ve returned mine for an exchange in the hope that it’s just a one-off manufacturing issue. Other minor points would be the lack of return springs on the shafts, which can make extracting the drill bit from the work piece difficult. I found the instructions quite brief and it took me a while to find the centring pins shown in one of the images. For anyone else in the same boat, they are screwed in to the top of the chuck carriage and look like part of the structure at first glance.

well, it was in stock for a few hours this morning, and still not shipping to canada. Looks like I’ll be designing and machining my own. Was really looking forward to this for making chairmaking more efficient.

Mine rocks side to side with little force applied so base is not flat.

The angle scales on left and right read different, only a few degrees but that’s not great for an ‘accurate’ guide.


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