What happened to the UJK Drill Guide?


Apologies Tim, yes the UJK Drill Guide is still in development. We don’t want to rush this, we want to ensure the quality is right. Regretfully, I cannot confirm when this will be available. We will update you on here as soon as we have more information. Thanks


Would this be the same sort of refinement that the UJK Dovetail Jig required when that was pulled off the website, which I understood to be exclusive to Axminster/UJK, but has recently been offered by another well known Retailer allbeit in a different Colour. It begs the question of how exclusive will the Drill Guide be to Axminster after all this refinement and obvious development cost?


I’m confused. A couple of months ago I tried to make a fourth response in this thread and (much to my surprise) got bounced with a comment that said I could only make three comments in a thread! Given that this thread is approaching a year old and that there is no warning at the start that you can only make three comments I’m not happy that I’m now banned from asking what the heck is going on with the development of the guide.

I can’t even ask what site is offering the guide as described by Tony! I’ve been a loyal Axminster customer for many years but given the recent large price increases I’m starting to wonder whether Axminster is talking its loyal customer base for granted.

No longer a happy Axminster bunny!


Hmmm … It seems can make more than 3 comments in a thread! A couple of months ago I couldn’t :smile:

@ Tony; who else is offering the guide?

@ Abi: I can understand that developing a piece of equipment can require time for development and testing to ensure that it can meet its specs but please just own up … if you don’t think that you can fulfil the (amazing) specs at a realistic price within a realistic time frame then let us know. It’s actually only a drill guide after all and Axminster has been spinning the yarn of “yes the UJK Drill Guide is still in development. We don’t want to rush this, we want to ensure the quality is right.” for approaching a year now.

NASA managed to get a capsule (Apollo 8 I think) around the Moon and back within a couple of years of JFK’s promise as part of the Apollo mission in the Sixties.

Can I realistically hope for a UJK spec Drill Guide before I grow so old I won’t be able to use one?



Apologies, we have had various delays and therefore the UJK Drill Guide is still in development. It will be available, however, I cannot confirm when this will be. We will update you as soon as we have more information. Thanks


@ Hannah

I’ve just looked back through the whole thread. I’ve noticed that you don’t seem to be involved any more, You have my sympathy since you were/are in the front line, taking the hassle of our comments about the development/refinement of this bit of kit that is inevitability beyond your control!

Perhaps you’ve moved on to a new employer or role within Axminster, in which case I wish you the best for your career development :smiley:


Was the last one made in China?..it has, so it’s been stated by ax, ‘durability issues’ with the (drill) shaft…

Perhaps the British version will prove to have a more ‘durable’ shaft…god knows, the amount of times we get shafted, we need it to be durable…:wink:


So the drill guide has spent the whole of 2018 undergoing refinement and development, is it going to be refined and developed enough for release in 2019?


I can confirm the UJK Drill Guide will be available in 2019 and I will update you soon with more information!



While this item seems important to many Axminster customers, it does not seem to be a important to Axminster!
For still in development, I read: “we are puting our resources on other project and do not view the Drill Guide of rating our commentment”.
Loosing hope and now looking elsewhere for a drill guide.


Any rough estimates?


Regretfully, I cannot provide an approximate date for when the Drill Guide will be available.


Unlike Brexit…or not.


You might like to look at this site:

The page has the following on it:

Expected availability winter 2019.
Price: $145.95

It appears the Americans are waiting patiently as well! :scream:


Spotted an InstaG post today showing one (prototype?) being put through it’s paces. Another few months maybe?


Interesting to see it on the TSO website. Does that mean it might be close or have they had that product their for the last two years?

Which post would that be @Woodbloke?


It was there and then very rapidly disappeared when I tried to find it again on the Axminster page.


It’s like the White Rabbit! :grin:


Gentlemen, if some product was suddenly removed from the market, it’s often not because of some “unprecedented demand”, but more likely a patent infringement. The “refinement” is either to avoid those patents or to wait out until they expire.

Which is a shame because the UJK seems to have checked all my boxes. I’d say just keep waiting and it will show up eventually. Or use a drill press, some cheap ones cost the same.


Sorry about the delay in responding but I fell foul of the Axminster ‘you’re a newby and so can’t post many things in a single thread’ rule. (A chat with a moderator on a new thread sorted the problem (I’m very impressed!)) So here’s what I was going to post late June:

I’ve got a drill press, but it isn’t easy to carry around :grinning:

In terms of patents - I can’t see anything patentable - it’s basically a drill guide, but just one that is well made (hopefully) and hence pretty precise and perhaps even accurate. If another company held a patent and was objecting then we would be overrun with adverts for their product. :yum: