Stacked dado head cutters for table saws


I just noticed this topic. It’s of interest as I observed many such discussions of the Fine Woodworking magazine forum, years ago when I frequented the place as one full of learning for the then-novice me.

American woodworking traditions are, like the rest of America, a peculiar mix of the can-do-and-try with rabid individualism of a rather macho kind. They will invent imaginative and novel ways of achieving woodworking intents but often in a fashion that is highly risky, as some sort of additional badge of honour.

The culture manifests also in the tools, particularly machine tools which have dangerous features built-in, as the individualisitas find this danger adds to their cowpoke pose. Stacked dado heads and, indeed, table saws or other whizzing machines without guards or other safety stuff are seen as “manly”.

In the Fine Woodworking forum discussions, up would pop a fellow or three to tell us of his tale of woe concerning such a machine - how it bit him, threw a plank at his head or otherwise did serious damage. In the USA, the damage is not just to the person but to the wallet, as to fix a cut-off finger or a serious plank-induced concussion costs thousands, The macho-men are often also uninsured for this eventuality as they are, well, too macho for that socialist insurance nonsense. :slight_smile:

Personally I’m paranoid about the potential for tools to do serious damage to my valuable person. After all, it only takes one incident to alter your life seriously to the worse.

But, if you are infallible, like American macho-men claim they are, feel free to cut yourself down with a mad-tool.

On the other hand, you’ll struggle to find a table saw in Europe that has an arbour long enough to take a stacked dado blade-set.

Lataxe, still whole.


“Lataxe, still whole”…and me, after over forty years of wood mangling.


Interesting stuff…I read with interest that Axminsters new trade table saw, shortly to arrive in store, can now be fitted with a dado blade’…



That’s the machine I’ve been chasing, but have now found it’s a 16amp job, and I’ve no spare breakers in my panel so need a 13amp capability.

I don’t see a problem with dado stacks and the removal of covers, dados’ by nature don’t raise above the wood so very little chance of pushing parts of your body into them, still, Americans need labels on auto batteries saying ‘don’t drink the contents’ so perhaps THEY should be protected agains dado cutters as well


I don’t know how Ax propose to get round the current HSS regulations, but apparently the new saw does comply with them. Still a pretty fearsome bit of kit and a saw fitted with dado cutters is one I personally would think twice about using…the first thought would be enough to give me the screaming willies!


Axminster are saying that it comes with an additional guard to fitted when using the dado cutters…bit as a dado cut is in the wood, not through it as in a normal saw blade cut, I’m not sure if an additional guard is actually necessary, unless it’s intended to be closer to the upper side of the wood being cut…?


Hi, Barry…

You could fit one of these as an extension to your existing domestic supply…comes with a 16amp MCB fitted…


Hi Stu.

I couldn’t (wouldn’t!) as I’ve no electrikery experience!!
The guy who did the latest wiring in the shop didn’t even put in the appropriate MCB © and my new mitre saw wouldn’t run! I got him back to change it out, and he asked for payment!! so I won’t be using him again. I didn’t pay him btw.

So thanks but a new board (all be it an extension) and the wiring loop to a suitable outlet position is something I’m not looking to do. Cheers.


Hi my first post on this site and I have to say I am waiting for a precision engineer to make a new extended arbor shaft for my sip 10’’ table saw so I am able to use a dado blade, I am 66 years old and loved woodwork all my life, I have my own shed with many machines and fine tools I’am happy to say and I owe every thing I know about woodworking and machinery to my dad who was a wood machinist for 30 years in Garston Liverpool and watching him for the age of 6 years old I couldn’t tell you the amount of times he told me to ALWAYS respect the machine your working on and I always have,
I can’t find any reason not to use dado blades unless you an total idiot in which case you should not be any where near a machine as lethal as a table saw.


Overall, I found it pretty funny that after my original post concerning stacked dado head cutters, and all the dripping by some here about safety etc in posts, to see Axminster produce a ‘trade’ machine with extended Arbor and state you can use stacked dado head cutters, and comply with H&S as per the book…lol… I note almost no one has expressed any more comments since :joy:.