Stacked dado head cutters for table saws


“Lataxe, still whole”…and me, after over forty years of wood mangling.


Interesting stuff…I read with interest that Axminsters new trade table saw, shortly to arrive in store, can now be fitted with a dado blade’…



That’s the machine I’ve been chasing, but have now found it’s a 16amp job, and I’ve no spare breakers in my panel so need a 13amp capability.

I don’t see a problem with dado stacks and the removal of covers, dados’ by nature don’t raise above the wood so very little chance of pushing parts of your body into them, still, Americans need labels on auto batteries saying ‘don’t drink the contents’ so perhaps THEY should be protected agains dado cutters as well


I don’t know how Ax propose to get round the current HSS regulations, but apparently the new saw does comply with them. Still a pretty fearsome bit of kit and a saw fitted with dado cutters is one I personally would think twice about using…the first thought would be enough to give me the screaming willies!


Axminster are saying that it comes with an additional guard to fitted when using the dado cutters…bit as a dado cut is in the wood, not through it as in a normal saw blade cut, I’m not sure if an additional guard is actually necessary, unless it’s intended to be closer to the upper side of the wood being cut…?


Hi, Barry…

You could fit one of these as an extension to your existing domestic supply…comes with a 16amp MCB fitted…


Hi Stu.

I couldn’t (wouldn’t!) as I’ve no electrikery experience!!
The guy who did the latest wiring in the shop didn’t even put in the appropriate MCB © and my new mitre saw wouldn’t run! I got him back to change it out, and he asked for payment!! so I won’t be using him again. I didn’t pay him btw.

So thanks but a new board (all be it an extension) and the wiring loop to a suitable outlet position is something I’m not looking to do. Cheers.


Hi my first post on this site and I have to say I am waiting for a precision engineer to make a new extended arbor shaft for my sip 10’’ table saw so I am able to use a dado blade, I am 66 years old and loved woodwork all my life, I have my own shed with many machines and fine tools I’am happy to say and I owe every thing I know about woodworking and machinery to my dad who was a wood machinist for 30 years in Garston Liverpool and watching him for the age of 6 years old I couldn’t tell you the amount of times he told me to ALWAYS respect the machine your working on and I always have,
I can’t find any reason not to use dado blades unless you an total idiot in which case you should not be any where near a machine as lethal as a table saw.


Overall, I found it pretty funny that after my original post concerning stacked dado head cutters, and all the dripping by some here about safety etc in posts, to see Axminster produce a ‘trade’ machine with extended Arbor and state you can use stacked dado head cutters, and comply with H&S as per the book…lol… I note almost no one has expressed any more comments since :joy:.


Hi I’m new to the forum and this is my first post.
Dado cutters are topmost on my mind currently having just replaced my ageing table-saw. I started reading excitedly because being retired funds are limited and being confused as to how to set up equipment for finger jointing economically I hoped to get some pointers on alternative cutters since dado blades are expensive but, the discussion soon turned to H & S, not so interesting.
I do have some input on the matter (blades) one UK dado supplier told me their stacked dildo needed an arbor length of 23mm, which mine has. Regards Royckk


Hi Roy, and welcome.

I’m with Tony who says, quote:
"I can’t find any reason not to use dado blades unless you a total idiot, in which case you should not be any where near a machine as lethal as a table saw.”



Hi Barry, I agree with that wholly, I’ve used all sorts of power tools in all sorts of situations for years, sometimes winging it a bit, never got injured but you have to stay alert to stay alive


Are you aware that Axminster now do a 240v version of the trade table saw? I have not looked at the specs but I expect it has a slightly less powerful motor, hence the 240v… might be what you are looking for…unless you’ve gone and bought something else.



Thanks Stu.

Yes I bought another brand back then, even though I’d been enquiring directly with Ax, they didn’t bother to inform me of ‘pending’, so I bought, what is probably a slightly inferior machine , but I fitted that out with an Incra LS system, and included a router table.

Cheers anyway, Barry


So what did you get in the end…being nosey…lol…?


A small charnwood 619 which is quiet, but the dust extraction is lacking, even after I’ve tried modifying it. Meaning it has to get stripped down more often than i’d like to clear the insides. The mitre slots are of different widths so the supplied mitre gauge is useless, but the sliding carriage works well. None of which Charnwood were interested in!!

Whoever designs these things should ask end users!! Even the extension tables didn’t fit, and could only be adjusted one way. I modified those, before they came off to accommodate the router table.

Quite happy now but as you pointed out, had I known, or had Ax tipped me the wink… well that’s another story.

One day I may find something useful to make, rather than just fitting out the workshop…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sad to hear you had/continue to have problems with your Charnwood… although I’m sure you are enjoying making stuff on it, and not just polishing it…lol…
I recently had a go at making wooden stave tubes, which was interesting, never done it before, and a lot easier with an accurate table saw…


I had the bigger one with the 10" blade and it was the worst piece of junk I’ve ever bought. Within two months the trunion bearings had clapped out so I got rid of it asap. As a consequence I won’t touch anything Charnwood with a very large barge pole - Rob


Rob… Ok thanks for that,

“mine is bigger than yours”, BUT it wasn’t any good anyway!! size doesn’t count for everything! :wink:

At the price level it’s Ok and I’m obviously not giving it as much grief as you did yours…and the 8” blade cuts most of what I need.

Stu: I’m off to look up “stave tubes” so as not to appear ignorant, …:thinking:
Thanks guys. Barry


Yep, I’d agree. At the price it just about does what it says on the tin. For my money, a bandsaw(s) is far more useful and when coupled with a really good shooting board and plane it’s simply far more accurate. When you get into the realms of Felder gear etc and start spending mega£’s you can then expect accuracy straight off the saw blade; with low end hobbyist stuff it ain’t going to happen.