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As someone just starting out with woodworking as a retirement hobby, my project is a cheap wide clamp to hold long and/or wide boards. The sash clamp goes through the bench’s aprons, which are stabilised with a rail between the aprons and just above the sash.

(I realise of course that this might not be the best idea for promoting the sale of Axminster’s clamps!)o


If the competition is held again next year, I might be able to enter a project really worth showing off.



hi my photos are relating to when the floor of one of my beehives began to collapse under the weight of honey this summer. a quick application of clamps sorted until there is less weight and i can sort in th winter

this is my first attempt to post on the forum. grateful if someone could let me know it works






I’m always using these clamps in college. Currently using them to hold my jig for cutting mitred dovetails. I’d love some of my own! #AxminsterTradeClamps


Having extended the back on a dresser to cover a radiator, finding the length of architrave to do the same with the crown proved harder than anticipated

After getting quotes of a couple of hundred pounds to have a short length produced in a workshop, someone kindly suggested I try clamping different moulding together to achieve the same result.


I clearly need more clamps if I’m going to veneer anything bigger!



And the winner is…