Post a picture of your latest project


@Woodbloke very nice! What are the dimensions? I’m guessing some very detailed drawings were required for this! And are they tiny little turnings I see?


Thanks, it’s about 400mm dia and was built over a 1:1 full scale drawing in much the same way as you would build a model balsa wood aeroplane. The supports between the hoops are jointed with bamboo dowels made from BBQ skewers…turned out to be very fiddly to put together!


A small cufflink box using the last fragment of my 12mm thick ‘waterfall’ elm. Lining and partitions in Bog Oak, 5300 years old. Through dovetail construction, solid panel top and bandsawn veneered base, finished with a couple of coats of satin Osmo PolyX with wax over the top. Hinges from Ian Hawthorne and faux velvet material for the base supplied by the editor of F&C, Derek Jones.

The hinges were ‘interesting’ to fit. An 8mm wide hinge into 12mm thick material doesn’t leave a lot of margin for error.

With the box shown open…

…all the partitions in Bog Oak can be seen.


1:72 HMS Victory
This build has been keeping me going for a while now.


My newest project is Moxon vice (not standard type) integrated to workbench. My own design. It is going to be integral part of my workbench, however, could be removed anytime.
Body is made of beechwood to match workbench, hardware is stainless steel (star knobs, M12 metric thread rods, flange inserts) and bronze (bushing inserts in wooden vice cheek). Can vice up to 485mm (19 inch) wide and 180 mm (7 inch) thick workpiece.

Just entered forum today (and unable to post more images, just one), so hello to everyone.


detailed picture: