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Introducing new Axminster Trade machines. A selection of trade rated, woodworking machines boasting industrial features but at affordable prices for the trade user. Their compelling design, unique features and robust build help surpass the expecations of the trade user.


The dust processor certainly looks a very impressive bit of kit for the trade workshop. The thing that’s immediately apparent is the very small size of the waste bags. In a busy 'shop where machines are more or less in constant use all through the day, those bags will probably get filled in about five minutes with consequent ‘down time’ while they’re being emptied.


Hi there, I have been looking at the Trade Series MB103 310mm Thicknesser and now I see that new trade machines are being brought out. Can you please tell me whether the MB103 is being replaced?
Thanks, Neil


Hi Neil, the MB1030 is staying the same. Please let us know if there are any other questions. Thanks,


Hi Charlie,
Thanks for getting back to me.


Hi Charlie,

I am going to buy the MB103 310mm Thicknesser and when I enquired about a suitable heavy duty mobile base I was told that the Axminster MB-1000 Heavy Duty Mobile Base should be suitable.

Is anyone able to tell me definitively that it will be suitable? If not, is there one that you can recommend?



Hi Neil,

Just to confirm, yes this is the best one to use.



Hi Charlie,

That’s great. Thank you for your help.

Edit: thicknesser and base ordered. :grinning:



That’s great news @Neil! Please share a picture when it’s all set up and ready to go!


Will do, it’s being delivered next month.