Make It In March Competition 2019


Turned this vase and flowers from a dead elm tree that fell at the bottom of our garden. Stands 4’ tall plus flowers.





Here is a desk that I have had made for my wife’s office. It is made from a combination of maple, walnut and birch. The finish is from tung oil and paste wax.


Posting on behalf of Graham:

EMCO Star & Rex ease of use.

I was frustrated when storing the attachments and tooling for my aged Emco in the cupboard and it was too much hassle to get to them and decided to plan a better way to make them accessible as a moveable unit.

Fitted the castors, decided on drop down sides to ensure closure after selection ( stops you falling over the vertically hung left open door) and also facilitates the skate board the planner/ thicknesses is slid in and out of storage. The antiluce latches work well with the chains to support the ‘doors’. Magic!


Just finished this biomimcry inspired storage module, for my Year 13 A level Project.

Made with a french cleat module on the side, triple sliding dovetail and many many finger joints!

The french cleat system has custamisable modules, such as a desk lamp or key hook as shown in seperate images. The drawer units all slide off the main unit, to allow easy transportation for when moving around different university accomodation.


Woodturned Lamp base in Ginkgo Biloba


I have just finished my Year 13 A’level project. A gardening ‘Caddy’ (or Tool box/ seat carrier).
It is deigned to help elderly or less-able individuals in the gardening world.
On the back, there is a telescopic handle with star-knobs which tighten/loosen to lift is up and down, or keep it in place. This allows the product to be moved easily, on the two wheels.

A honey-comb pattern one side to improve the aesthetics. Looks great when the sun shines on it!

A drawer on the bottom, lined with a canvas fabric and above, a lid-flap down opening on small chains, and a place to rest you mug and/or seeds.

An upholstered cushion on the top which is removable.

Finally, a knee-pad and a place to store it.


Loads of little projects made in the shed while waiting for the weather to warm up enough to start work again on the boat itself. Mainly recycled teak pulled from boatyard skips supplemented by a length of 8mm iroko.


I am new to woodworking and this little drawer is one of my first projects. I wanted to use some scrap material and make something useful. The side of the stairs was a storage place for anything and it always looked untidy, so I have decided to do something about it. I have chosen OSB because I like the pattern of it and I also love to experiment. I think that turned out pretty nice.


Console table in oak, ash, cherry, walnut, cedar of lebanon and tulipwood. Made at Burnley college with breadboard ends, houndstooth dovetails and tusked tenons. The muntins had the gothic arches routed out with a router, then finished and textured with gouges. All of the joinery was hand cut, and it is still awaiting drawer pulls. It was finished with special pale shellac and furniture wax.


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The sculpture ‘HUSKS’, mixed hard and soft woods, 95 x 75 x 35 cms, 2019 A maquette towards a larger sculpture for the exhibition ‘A Good Age’ to be held at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Bovey Tracey, in September this year.


Posting on behalf of David Bodnick:


This chest is made of recycled oak that came from an old chest of drawers, it was full of woodworm so I was limited to the size I could make it.

The size is ::. 39cm length . 28cm wide. 37cm high…

It has a sliding tray inside . The hinges and clasp are all made from the same oak wood. I finished it in Danish oil. The tray is lined in sticky back velvet.


Very Nice! Love the detailing.


Brings back memories of my apprenticeship the only thing missing is a saw horse :slight_smile:


Very Nice. Quality job I bet your mother will treasure it.


Posting on behalf of Darrell Britton:

Received Sat, 6 April


Posting on behalf of Todd:

I am a carpentry apprentice looking to learn more about joinery so decided to build a multifunctional work space to facilitate this![:+1:]

Received Sun, 7 April