Make It In March Competition 2019



Hi all,

Finished at last, a Console Table in American Black Walnut.

I designed and made this piece of furniture to fill an empty space in my hallway. It’s my interpretation of Art Deco, combining wood and polished stainless steel inlays to the column. The project being made easier by the accuracy of my Axminster TSCE-12R Table Saw and drill press.

Apart from the top bearers and corner blocks which were made from Canadian Maple offcuts, the table is made entirely from solid Walnut. The column is hollow of course, being constructed from four pieces of Walnut. A large block of Maple was then fitted in both ends to enable it to be attached to the top and base.

After applying a Walnut stain and thixotropic grain filler, I gave it a sprayed finish with a semi-matt pre-cat lacquer.


Only been wood turning since Christmas, made this bowl of fruit with Axminster gouges.


Union Jack box made from oak, sapele and African Blackwood . All done using hand tools


I am 16 years old and love woodworking.
This is one of my first woodturning projects, ‘A Candlestick With a Twist’.
For this project I used some beautiful mahogany.



Here’s my new super king size bed I made from Oak, Walnut and Elm, with some pine for the hidden supporting frame.


image image image

Solid pine garden gate made using mortise and tenon joints


My Scratch built guitar amplifier cabinet.
image image
It is very difficult to get hold of small lengths of hardwood; but I realized that an old piece of wood that had been used for many years as a ramp for running the wheelbarrow up in the garden was in fact, under all the dirt, a beautiful piece of Mahogany. That was used for the sides and an off-cut of Red Pine windowsill completed the top and trim pieces.


Just your normal 88mm thick soild! Oak door that weights 100kg a door… Its what the customer wants… Done by David and Andy

We have agreed if we win we would go half’s I have dibs the dewalt radio

Good luck everyone and enjoy this. Fabulous work



Hello folks i have just started my own (well trying to set up my own green woodworking buisness.
This is part one of 4 of a standard lamp i am Turning on a pole lathe with captive rings,
Part one is spalted ash,Part two is sweet chestnut,Part 3 is cherry,part four may be Apple or ash.
Tools i have used are .
Axe,Froe,Gouges,Flat chisels,Draw knife,Shave horse,Pole lathe, Finished using shavings for burnishing & Abranet for sanding .
No electric used apart from a battery drill to bore the centre cable hole .


Theres some amazing pieces of work in this thread. Here’s my entry: an Architectural model commission made from 3.6mm ply cut out using my proxxon table saw (and scalpel)


Mum wanted a table. So I learned to turn. Here it is…


Sort of a steampunk hot air balloon thingy turned on my Jet lathe from a piece of monkey puzzle and a bit of splatted oak.


#MakeItInMarch19 and finished it in March.

Dining room table made from scaffolding boards, cut to size on a BS11INV bandsaw, thicknessed on a JWP-12. Top was hand flattened with a Rider plane. There are four drawers inside and the top is held on with 3D printed buttons. Also used the trusty japanese hand saw.
Drawer fronts were cut from the frame rails using Proxxon scroll saw.
All stained with Osmo wood wax.

The chairs were made earlier, also from scaffolding boards. Do the hard stuff first!


Posting on behalf of Morvorren:

#MakeItInMarch19 White Ensign end-grain chopping board made in American Oak and stained using food colouring


Please see my little table with inlay.


Posting on behalf of Diana Roskilly:



I’ve made this box for my six-year-old daughter. Made from oak and pine using only hand tools.


With my wife being an avid Trekie, I just had to make one.


It stands just over 14 inches tall, and was made out of various spare pieces of wood I had in the garage.

The saucer is made from Ash, the warp drives and cylinder from Steam Beech, the piece that joins the saucer and cylinder from Sapele, the holder from Yew and the stand from Sweet Chestnut.

All of it was turned on my Awvsl1000 lathe, with the exception of the piece that joins the warp drives and cylinder, which I rough cut on the bandsaw and then spent hours sanding to the correct shape.


Posting on behalf of Chris Jupp:

Walnut and sycamore coffee table made from sawn slabs.
The walnut and sycamore are butt jointed along a curve to make the top.
Ends are mitered with loose tenons and dovetail keys.