Make It In March Competition 2018 - Win The Ultimate Tool Bundle




Entry for Amy:

14 yr old Amy has completed the above in the first week of her Easter Holidays. She has attended a woodwork course with the hope of making herself a bedside cabinet to keep her books off the floor.

The aim was to gain some skills before she starts her design and technology GCSE, she certainly has returned full of enthusiasm as well as a long list of equipment. So noticing your competition whilst ordering her a Japanese saw (which she found a lot easier to use than coping saws at school), seemed an opportunity not to miss.

She has learnt the following:-

Mortise and tenon joints (spot the mistake on one of the legs)

Biscuit joints


Bevilling / Edging

The importance of measuring correctly.

Please see the attached photos of the almost complete project, staining next.



I needed to build a workshop before I could make anything else.




Entry for David Woolley:

The table top and front of draw are in Spalted Beech.
The connectors at the top of the legs and the surround for the top are English Walnut.
The legs are European Walnut.
The sides and back of the draw are oak with dovetails. The draw base is in Ceder.
The black surround for the draw is thick mahogany veneer water black stained to ebonize then black shellac.

The bottom 5 in. Of the legs were splayed by offsetting the centre on the lathe, then finished with scrapers and sanding.


Entry for Sue P


Cabinet for a Garrard 301 turntable motor unit with SME 3012 arm. Veneered in burr walnut with details in African Blackwood (dalbergia melanoxylon). Inset photos show base and feet. FInish is french polish.

Work included the overhaul of the turntable and arm mechanisms and making of some new parts (e.g. new sintered bronze bearings for the idler made from sections of machine bearings sliced up on a hand shaper and bored with a tiny boring bar for a 1.5mm bore!) and a new arm lowering lever in carbon steel. All threads were cut. The only bought hardware was the IEC mains socket!

Lots of Axminster router cutters were used in this process, but the feet were made on a victorian treadle lathe.



Entry from Jez Wilson:

‘Made from European oak with quarter sawn oak top’.


Entry on behalf of Peter Johnson

An interpretation of a Japanese teahouse


Very neat and tidy dovetails!


Entry on behalf of Roland Moore:

This ‘Noughts & Crosses’ game was in an old American book of ‘projects’. (They call it ‘Tic-Tac-Toe’). This one was made from ‘recovered oak’ (Recovered from a builder’s skip).


Entry on behalf of Stephen Hall:


#MakeitinMarch16U Solid Oak box made as a gift.





I made this in March. It has an inside behind the mirror but as a first timer I can only post one image.
I must say there are some wonderful pieces in this competition,

good luck folks.


Made by my son who is 13yrs old and described in his own words as follows;
The Breadboard is made from chestnut and has lovely figuring. The Board has oak cleats with no glue as it has oak draw pins to hold them on. bread%20board%20from%20above|361x203




The Alphaboat, made for my grandson who’s just starting to learn his letters. My first project with my new bandsaw bought at the end of February, made with half a £13 plank of beech from Axminster High Wycombe. The “containers” are the same size as those used by a popular wooden toy train system for its freight trains. They are designed so that they will only fit together with matching colours when the letters are in the right order.



First project, a cabin bed for a Ford Transit mountain bike race van conversion. Garage under the bed base for bikes and kit, side bins along the bed for clothes storage, secret compartment at the foot of the bed under the mattress for valuables and then internal storage in the main living area (yet to be converted and not shown as new users limited to one photo upload :frowning: ) utilising the other part of the main garage cabinet. Pretty pleased over all, now just need to get on with the rest if the van!