Make It In March Competition 2018 - Win The Ultimate Tool Bundle


Excellent work - love it!




A mirror and a bench top I’ve made for my cabin. Both are from a salvaged oak and the cracks are stabilized with epoxy. I also made the window framing out of pine.
I’ve carved out the sink from a stone I found not to far from my cabin. I don’t know if carrying it home or the carving was worst, but I’m very pleased with the result!



That’s beautiful. I am always fascinated by multi-axis turning.


Thanks Alan, much appreciated. Pole position in it has been taken by my wife’s teddy bear that was an impulse buy from the Tokyo Skytree:


Entry on behalf of Anthony Rau -

The project is a CD ‘Bookcase’; it is slightly over 2.2m high.

I am over 18 and reside in the UK, and have been a customer of Axminster, ‘for years’!


My son Hayden, aged 13, made this pen holder, he got the idea from the internet.



@APeters always good to see someone young getting into woodworking. I’m 28 and have been woodworking properly for around 4-5 years but really wish i’d started at your sons age. Well done Hayden, tell him to keep up the good work


My first attempt at a Gisi style segmented pen.
Made from stabilised and dyed spalted chestnut with white polypropylene plastic.



Made from 50 year old recycled Elm



Here is my first woodworking project since school 20 years ago, I made the serving board from a scrap piece of oak kitchen worktop using two chisels, a plane and a lot of sandpaper… I finished the board with 800 grit wet and dry then oiled it with food safe white mineral oil. Ashamed to say I didn’t make the bowls but the next step is wood turning lessons so watch this space!


Facing the task of displaying Marvel figures in a more dramatic way with limited shelf space I have been working on these in March. They are overlapping stands with the disks cut on my scroll saw and then sanded with my first ever home made jig on my disk sander. I used the new Pilar drill I got for Christmas Axminster drum sanders to finish off the cut outs in the base once rough cut on the scroll saw.
Really happy with the result.



This is a sideboard I made earlier in March, for some friends of mine in London. The carcass is painted MDF, with internal divisions for storing records and cds. The legs and doors are made from sapele, finished with Osmo hard wax oil. The main feature of the cabinet is the recessed doors, designed to allow the owners to display their favourite record sleeves, magazines or books.


Thanks Cam, Hayden became interested in woodworking when we got him a children’s Bosch Tool set when he was much younger and he has progressed ever since using real tools.


My entry for the Make It In March 16 and under competition (I am 16) is a small speaker I’ve made.

I added a foldaway stand on top which can be used to rest a phone on for watching videos.


Something I made in march! Over 16 20180303_194239|375x500
Its lime, the frame and flowers came from different sources producing the different colours



Capstan table in Birch Ply with a toughened glass top incorporating an original iron spoked cart wheel.


Some great entries on here! This march me and my partner are near enough at the end of our camper coversion of a 1967 Morris LD ambulance, all reclaimed oak/ash (except the pine worktop made from my grandads old pasting table!), Oak flooring was a car boot find. My partner did the seat upholstery.

Experimental patina on copper sheet panels in the doors, seats and roof. All beeswax or tung oil finish. Looking forward to taking her out in the summer!
I can only post one picture but I will try to post a couple more on another post :slight_smile:


Another pic👍