Make It In March Competition 2018 - Win The Ultimate Tool Bundle


Here is my replica (not to sell - just for my own use) of a Richard Neutra Boomerang chair. I have made mine out of Brown Oak for the main body and French Oak to make the leg dowels. It’s the first time I made such a long, large diameter dowel and the first time I have used webbing on a chair.


Mother’s Day Project - Flower string picture made by Creigau Rainbows.


This is my toolbox. I made it with my Dad. It has my hammer in it and my measurers. I hammered little nails in to make A for Alys.


box in bowl - made of one piece (maple) :grimacing:


my 6 year old making his first bird house with lolly pop roof lol start them young#MakeitinMarch16U



This month I’ve made a mini workbench so that I can escape the cold garage and work in the kitchen instead.


Make it in march (I am 16)
Ash and elm pot with a selection of spinning tops for a friend


Entry for John Watkins: ‘‘At the end of last year I decided to make a table for our kitchen from some local ash which had been seasoning in my workshop for about ten years or so. I had no intention at the time of making chairs to match. However, when I found that our existing chairs didn’t fit comfortably under the new table I thought I’d use up the rest of the ash to make a pair of matching chairs. I decided to use some Ercol chairs that we’d bought for our silver wedding anniversary - many years ago! - as a model. The original Ercol chairs have a much higher back that would not have been as convenient in our kitchen so I reduced the height of the back but otherwise copied them fairly closely except for one or two minor details. It was a more difficult exercise than I originally thought – not a single angle at ninety degrees and with plenty of curves and turning to sort out as well. I finished them at the beginning of the month and had cushions made by a local upholsterer. Very comfortable – with great lumbar support for an ageing couple!’’


@arw and @anthnyo - Great to see the little ones in the workshop learning practical skills! :+1: I thought all children did these days was use screens!


he’s a daddy’s boy where i go’s he go’s even my locksmith work lol that’s his own little workbench in my shed


I made a mobile base for my new Axminster
Spiral AT107PT, using Oak, dominoed construction with glue and screwed for good measure.! Finished with Osmo poly X graphite.
Thanks to Peter parfett for providing the plans.


Yeah, shes been following me round with her plastic fisher price tool set for a couple of years before I let her loose(ish!) with a hammer. Keen on the screen too though - both my kids are obsessed with watching Dengineers & Marry Mum & Dad. I’m hoping if we knock up a playhouse I can avoid some kind of nightmare harry potter theme wedding…


Hi guys, these are a pair of console tables I made for the hall. Construction is from european oak which had
been in the workshop for 20 years apart from the drawer fronts, which I think is English oak, which is
re-claimed library shelving. The finish is 3 coats of sanding sealer, de-nibbed between coats and then 3 coats of Fiddes wax.



Here is the first cupboard I made in March for my eldest Daughter. Carcase made from marine ply and pocket screws and the shaker style doors are MDF made with loose tenons with MDF panels let into rebates in the frame. Finished off with soft close hinges. Need to build the other side now.


A ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ influenced by modern Korean furniture. Made from elm with a solid ‘waterfall’ elm back panel:

Accent details made in Indian ebony: turned door and handle pulls as well as the ‘feet’ on the top and bottom of each frame which were domino’d together:

The drawer box is made using bandsawn veneers of ‘waterfall’ elm and the drawer is made using 7mm quarter sawn oak. It runs on a centre rail in the style of those made Rob Ingham and has a solid elm bottom. The piece is finished with matt Osmo Poly X with wax over the top and it has 6mm polished glass shelves:

All told, this has taken around six months to build but was finished today when the shelves were installed.


This is an all wooden, working padlock I’ve made for a box I haven’t yet made.
It measures 5 1/2” x 3 1/2”.


Spalted Beech with resin filed gaps.


My latest variable scale guitar started on the 1st of March. Madagascar rosewoodback and sides, European Spruce front, flamed maple neck, Macassar ebony fret board and Kingwood bridge.


My entry for the MadeItInMarch Compo - an Asti table made on the EX30 scrollsaw -


#MakeitinMarch a little project that I’ve been working on this month. Usually fit kitchens so happy with the result. :v: