Make It In March Competition 2018 - Win The Ultimate Tool Bundle


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Win the ultimate tool hamper in our Make it in March competition. Simply upload a picture of a woodworking project or job that you’ve done this March for your chance of winning the ultimate tool hamper worth over £600!

Make it in March Competition
Building a new workshop


Check out my solid sapele occasional table, with dovetailed case and hand turned spindle!



I hope you can appreciate a well made woodstore.


Toy Box For My Nephew.

Made with mortise and tenon joints. My first attempt at making an item of furniture.


New Craft Room For The Wife.


Not my usual furniture but challenging in a different way. Especially the hinge settings!20180307_144834


Just making the finishing touches to my campervan conversion (from police riot van). Never done anything like this before! Box jointing I’m almost good at now… :smiley:


Built in Shelving unit, fully closed housing joints, so barely a screw in sight! Made from 6" wide Gravel boards, 3 deep to give needed size, cabinets for log fire equipment, location for heated trolly and storage ovenware. Wife then completed a antique wood staining effect. Middle section has a tree design shelving inset for a bit of interest.


Dining Room Light

5ft oak beam, hollowed out with hammer and chisel. Finished in natural wax.


Hi All.
An alder burr and ebony natural edge lidded goblet for the #MakeitinMarch comp.
Good luck everyone.


I’d like to enter but can’t find the website’s method of posting pictures directly from my computer to this forum. I don’t use social media or a cloud storage facility so can’t post a link to a pic in any of those … but the competition blurb says that it’s possible to post pics direct to the forum…?



Hi @Lataxe_Ludd,

Please do enter. We’d love to see your submission!

You can upload an image by clicking the “Reply” button on this forum topic and then clicking the “Upload” icon as highlighted in the image below:

Alternatively you should be able to simply drag the image file from your local computer (e.g. the Desktop) onto the Reply entry box or copy paste and it will automatically upload for you (check the preview on the right of your Reply to confirm).

If you’re still having problems please let us know.



makeitinmarch (cannot get hash)
I am over 16 and made this treasure chest from old pallets and angle iron. I kept most of the marks on the wood to give it age and wear. The rivets are just upholstery studs. it is approx. 2’ x 1’ x 18"


Made with my axminster woodturning tools (walnut and maple) :wink:


This is a bedding or washing chest in oak, made in the Cotswold Arts & Crafts style. It lives at the bottom of a Cotswold-style A&C queen-size bed also of oak. It’s frame & panel construction with a few typical Cotswold motifs such as half-cogged dovetails and pinned through tenons. The lid and the floor are slatted to allow the cloth things in it to “breathe”. The bottom slats also include cedar to see-orf the moths.


An electric guitar, I built from scratch, for my daughter. The body is Mahogany from my old front door, and I hand carved the neck from Birdseye Maple. Thanks for looking.


Got to say, there is some awesome work on here. Well done all.


Nice work there, would like to see the inside


The forum will only let me post one pic per post at the moment, because I’m “a new member”. Here’s one then. :slight_smile:

It’s just a big space, as you can see.

I have another on the to-do list as a wedding present for some friends. This will be a bit more elaborate and include a till, a coopered lid and fully-cogged dovetails to join four solid (not frame & panel) sides.


Création d’une plyobox pour crossfit