Integrated tool selling

I’ve bought woodworking tools and equipment from Axminster for decades now. Always a good service.

Just lately I’ve begun a move from making large furniture items to making smaller things, with an associated reduction in machine tool use and an increase in hand tool use. Since Veritas have always been a favourite manufacturer of mine a few of their items, via Axminster, have got on my to-buy list.

Two problems arise:

  1. Not all Veritas stuff is available via Axminster (or any other UK supplier).
  2. Some items are only part-available - the main item but not the accessories.

Number 2 is the most annoying. For example:

I recently bought a Veritas skew block plane, which is a very fine and functional thing. I want the depth stop that fits it for help making precise-depth rebates. Not available, except by back order with a wait time of 6-7 months! I want two spare blades (to hone to make 45 and 55 degrees cutting angles, thus making a 3-fold block plane from one body). No spare blades available, except via back order and the 6-7 months wait.

Why sell only part of a tool? One becomes all suspicious that there is a marketing fellow trying to get us to buy other whole planes to serve the functions that just one can serve. Paranoia strikes deep, see? :frowning:


This can happen with quite a few of the items required to expand a piece of equipment. You can find most of the item’s you require on Amazon. What I don’t understand is why wood workers have this idea that you have to spend a fortune on hand tools. The company you mention and other tool manufacturer’s gear these tools to the professional wood workers. Anyway it is not the tool that give’s a good quality finish, it is the person behind it. I hope this does not sound to cheeky.


The items I mention aren’t available within the current area for which there are no customs charges so would have to be bought direct from Canada, involving a customs duty and a charge for applying it, as well as a large postage fee. It would cost a lot more than it would to buy from Axminster - if only they stocked the items.

If they sell a tool, Axminster (or any supplier) should make the whole tool (i.e. the accessories and spares) available too. What if I severely damage a blade? Such complete-product availability is just good customer service. Such tools as those from Veritas, by the way, sell 99% to amateurs. There aren’t that many professional woodworkers about post-IKEA and similar.

The idea that woodworkers have to spend a fortune on tools is entirely yours, really. Woodworkers, like those who buy other things, tend to buy what suits their wants and needs. How much did you waste on your last car, by the way?

I’ve bought and sold many Veritas and similar high quality tools over several decades of woodworking. Such high quality tools often sell second hand for as much or more than you paid for them, after a decade or so, as they last a lifetime. I think of it as inexpensive tool-hire.

The quality of a tool can make a very significant difference indeed to the product of the cabinetmaker using it. Even if you want to spend hours and hours trying the fettle a cheap & nasty TSO (tool-shaped object) so it’ll work, you’ll likely fail as it’s not made to ever work, just to sell to the naive.

You don’t sound cheeky so much as inexperienced. :slight_smile:

I tend to agree with Lataxe’s sentiments: I am a very part-time woodworker and yet tend to buy tools at the quality end of the market (to the degree that I can afford them of course). I might well be seen as not getting true value from them, but in my experience they are so much more satisfying and pleasurable to use that to me they are well worth the extra outlay. For me, life’s too short for poor quality tools!

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