Favourite wood for woodturning?


For me it has to be Cherry. It’s fine grained and has a beautiful colour. Perfect for bowls etc.


My favourite wood for turning bowls, goblet, platters, is Western Canada’s Big Leaf Maple. It grows quite fast which makes it a little softer than in Eastern Canadian Silver Maple which makes it turn beautifully. AAA figure is often prevalent which leads to some fantastic grain patterns in my salad bowls and wedding goblets.

A close second is Red Alder which has some interesting ray patterns across its grain lines. This wood is considered by some to be junk since it tends to spalt and rot very quickly; but it turns into some beautiful vases.


My Favourite wood is Yew but had to stop using it as I always seem to come out in a rash. My next choice is Tiger Maple, Cherry, cocobolo and Beech.