Drive belt replacement on the hobby series


Hello everyone
I’ve been turning now for 8 months,after I was bought my first lathe for my birthday (AWSL) hobby lathe.
I absolutely love it, I think my wife and kids clubbed together to buy it so they could get me out of the house !
Anyway I am quite heavy handed and always tighten the belt too much and alas stretched belt.
I ordered a new belt yesterday and voila arrived this morning !! Quicker than Amazon !
Has anyone got any tips on fitting this belt,what to undo etc,etc
All help will be great fully recieved
Many thanks


Glad you enjoy the lathe and the spiny side…it can become addictive! The belt shouldn’t be too difficult to replace; I suggest you check thoroughly through the manual which would have been supplied with the machine. if you can see no light at the end of the tunnel, a swift 'fone call to the techies at Ax ought to very swiftly point you in the right direction.


thanks for your reply
a phone call it is then :slight_smile:


Let us know what they say Beemerman318!