CNC wood carving Machines. Valuable tool or expensive toy


This topic has gone cold, but I thought this clip might make CNC users take notice…?

I’m still awaiting the company announcement that a UK version is available…


Looks like it may have its uses, but seems a very handrolic way of trying to achieve what a cnc can do faster, and if you watch some of the cnc videos, much better on wood to created shapes…it’s seems this tool can only effectively ‘carve’ a flat surface that already exists, whereas the cnc’s available can carve thicker wood in shaped surfaces incorporating designs…you might have some problems trying to get this thing to work over an already shaped surface (e.g. a domed surface)… and given your penchant for wanting to avoid electronics and programming…I’m not sure you would find it that great to try and use…I watched a ‘test video’ for the tool, and although it seems simple to use, there is a lot button pushing, downloading, scanning, programming to do…lol…



Hi everyone,
Well, I finally “took the plunge” (pun intended) and have purchased the OOZNEST Workbee self build CNC machine. I dont have it yet as there is a 4 week lead time but I purchased the recommended Vectric software which I have been using for the last 10 days.
Total cost of the system so far is a little shy of £2K but that includes everything from the CNC, new dedicated router, work boards, bench, software and all the other bits and pieces. As soon as I have the WorkBee I will let you know how I get on with that but for now I can give you an idea of how the software works. I purchased the VCarve desktop which gives you 3D capability and a good number of extras over the 2D sytems.
I am so impressed with the Vectric programmes which are easy to use and have a tutorial for every subject you can imagine. I have already set up 4 projects for designs I want to create ranging from a metal inlay platter to a drill grid for a solitaire board with 42 X 12mm dia at 20mm spacings.
Yes it takes a little getting used to but the possibilities extend far beyond my expectations and I cannot wait until the WorkBee arrives. I am currently working my way through all the tutorials and trying out all the different facilities.
I hope to recieve the CNC around the 5th of August so if anyone is still interested I will update you on the build process and also how my first design attempts work out.


Please do keep us updated @Redsilverdog and good luck! What will be your first project?


Hi all,
My first couple of projects will be a wizards staff, a brass inlay platter and a gavel and engraved panel for the chairman of my local bowls club. Using the various tutorials I have managed to create the platter pattern and also the finials for the staff which I normally spend many hours to create. The machining estimate for this is 3 minutes per piece (X3) and will be fully shaped which will save me time on the contouring and sanding. I would normally spend about 4 hours on the bandsaw, scroll saw, and bench sander plus a fair bit of time with a hand file.

This is the finished item. I have tried to transfer the CNC drawings over but the file type is being blocked.
I hope to have the WorkBee next week and I expect to take around a week to build it. I will make another post once I have it all together.